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The Common Ills
The State Dept has an Iraqi Christian problem --
and a Christian problem

The State Dept has an Iraqi Christian problem -- and a Christian problem Susanna Capelouto (CNN) reports Pope Francis The Pope used his Christmas Day blessing, "Urbi et Orbi," to draw attention to displaced children and adults in the Middle East "who for too long now have suffered the effects of ongoing conflict," he said, in a reference to the Syrian civil war and increased instability in Iraq with the rise of ISIS. The pontiff appealed for compassion for refugees "so that all who now are suffering may receive the necessary humanitarian help to overcome the rigors of winter." There was someone in the US Congress who led on the issue of the Iraqi refugees but he passed away: Senator Ted Kennedy. The issue has struggled for attention since the death. In the December 17th snapshot, we noted an open letter to Secretary of State John Kerry: WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Roger Wicker, R-Miss., and Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, today led a... (more)

ysl femme survetement

survetement nike enfant Bikini permet non seulement de se sentir sensuelle, mais aussi son concorde avec tout le style dans le paquet en une seule. Takiniis une usure maillot intelligent en dehors des extrêmes pour les femmes ayant une certaine idée de conservation de leur corps. Il existe différents styles de maillots de bain qui peut être mis sur pied par des femmes comme Phax, maillots de bain Maaji et maillots de bain paradizia, maillots de bain design, etc Phax est un maillot fait par le designer latin ajouter de sophistication et de romantisme et de sensualité contribue également à augmenter sex-appeal et des femmes qui a porté ce genre de maillot de bain. Phax a une large gamme de collection qui il est devenu tous les temps favori pour les femmes et de femmes ordinaires aux divas d'Hollywood aiment porter ce single et deux pièces maillot de bain qui vient en trempés avec du miel et des ar?mes sucrés. Maillots de bain design est la meilleure... (more)

~Tsuruko Hiroshi~
~ Firzan Shah 9
month old ~

Assalamualaikum.... Lambat betul update pasal perkembangan firzan masa 9 bulan ni. Actually not much to say... everything goes as smooth as it should be. Alhamdulillah... But something to be remembered, dia dah sangat expert memanjat tangga... pantang lepa sekejap, dah sampai atas dah dia panjat. Makin di acah, makin gelak2 dia kat atas tangga tu. yang bestnyer, mummy tutupla tangga tu macam mana pon, dia pandai cari lubang nak panjat ke atas. haihhh.. macam mana daddy??? kene pasang gate jugak ker??? daddy kata nak pasang gate.. tapi ntah bileeeeee la tu... firas pulak asal adik dia panjat je dia panggil mummy... tq abang tolong mummy tengok-tengokkan adik... susah jugak mummy kalau abang firas tak ada.. Lagi perkembangan dia yang ketara, dia dah pandai panjat2 kerusi,meja semua dah... dah tak bole makan dengan gumbiranya di atas sofa, sebab dia dah start pandai memanjat sofa... huhu... seronok tengok dia berusaha nak memanjat tu...berusaha tangga kejayaan ye dik... tapi tak... (more)

my blog
Sand making machine promote future economic growth
Sand manufacturers said, China crusher manufacturers to "go out" is one of the opportunities for economic growth in China, the world market, especially in developing countries and the urgent need for capital investment in the future of a considerable number of countries, the next round of Sand manufacturers To develop a new strategy, according to the world a new concept of "going out", as countries rebounded openness, government develop appropriate policy support, combined with the world market will be a huge demand for construction machinery industry. Insiders pointed out that overseas exports is important to select manufacturers turnaround Sand, South Asia, Africa, South America, Central Asia and other emerging markets, overall demand for construction machinery will gradually rise, compared to developed markets in Europe and America is relatively saturated. If the focus of China's construction machinery exports to a particular region or market, or will bring investment... (more)

the first visitors
Read Luke 2:8-20. The shepherds said to one another, "Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us." Luke 2:15B Do you enjoy a large gathering on Christmas Day? Or are you isolated this year by work, finances, weather, or for some other reason? You are not alone. It is certainly possible that Mary and Joseph came into the first Christmas feeling the same way, huddled together and all alone with their newborn baby. God didn't leave them alone for long. When He sent an angel with the first Christmas invitation He didn't choose a mighty emperor or king, prominent priests or Levites, or even wealthy, powerful people. Instead He sent His angel to poor shepherds watching over their flock at night. The angel told them the exceedingly good news that God had kept His promise-a Savior had been born! Because Jesus would take their sins and pay the full price we all owe God, they could leave their flocks and hurry into the... (more)

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