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Blue Collar Blues
The Beautiful People
Originally posted: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 Just proof that flattery gets you no where and it does not get you what you want! Me: Hello, how can I help? Man with strong foreign accent, kinda sounding like Borat: Hello! I want signage for my shop. It is new shop and I need some. Me: Okay Sir, do you already have signage with us?" Man: No, not at the moment but I want for my shop. Me: I'm really sorry but we can't provide any signage for you beca... Man: But I need it for my shop! Me: Yes, I understand but we can't provide it because we have already allocated the budget for this year and we are only replacing old signage and giving new signage to those who the budget has been allocated to. Man: But I need it! Listen, I help you by selling your product so you can help me by giving me signage. Me: I am really sorry Sir, but it doesn't work like that. Man: I want to speak to manager! What is his name? I tell him the name and spell it to him. Man: So Mr Ricarrdi... (more)

My blog
Atuel PowerScan PS100
Eletrical Circuit tester

Dear Sam, I got you an automatic Atuel PowerScan PS100 Eletrical Circuit tester. The mechanic nearby highly recommended me to get this device. He told me it is a must for anyone who wants to do fast and accurate diagnostic. I cannot help getting you one. I have done some research work on the internet to find a cheapest one UOBD2 dealer who has been granted the original authorization for US$74.99. I still did not understand why some guys glad to pay a same one from other shops (like Amazon) for more than 3 times higher price. I wonder the package will arrive at your home three days later via DHL. Pls sign for it on time. Best Regards! Yours Tony July, 24th,2014 Dear Tony, Sorry for being thx late. I received PS100 tester yesterday. But I was busy using device. Thank you so much for your warm heart. The... (more)

Pockets add character to your jeans.
Look at the pocket designing! The premium jeans cult has taken with it a general back pocket compulsion. For some, being able to place a architect brand by the back sac has become a consuming interest Every brand has their touch stitch, color, shape or designing Rick Owens. Besides swanking your keen good taste sensation, what do back pouches do for you? You know if they look fab or dowdy, well tell you why. Gone are the days when the back pouch was strictly a useful lineament. With the tending and workmanship that goes into todays denim sac designings, it is blasphemous to even use them. Irrespective how sympathetic they are on a hanger, verity test of any pocket is how it looks on your butt end. Not every designing is for every dead body, well help you find what will work for you. Playfulness and attending grabbing embellishments burst on these jean pouches and they really punch up the multi factor on a pair of jeans. Intricate embellishment, multi colored sewing, and cloth insets... (more)

I srly hate it...I dun like weekend... Tend to think many....this week...is a long weekend somemore...nbz... Watch "梁文音 分手後不要做朋友 歌詞版 MV" on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMsV6D5HJWs&feature=youtube_gdata_player Nice song... All my ex pleaee thank me....wahaha...

Thinking of you . . .
Hey . . . Well I'm done with the whole messaging and so on; and off I go now to breakfast - no wait! Better make that ''brunch'' .... it's nearly 10.30am! OK - I hope you're doing just fine right now. You are in my thoughts as I head off to make a start here this morning... See you later, darling.. xx

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