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Journey Through
Not sure if I am the best one to be talking about strength right now, but.... here I am talking about it. I can be a strong person in a lot of things but lately I am coming to realize that I am not as strong as I thought. I have been thinking about things going on, and things that have went on and it hurts a lot. I thought that sheer brute strength and willpower would see me through but I was far off. I can't do this alone, and I shouldn't have to. I need to harness strength where ever I can. I now know that strength isn't about will, how strong you are physically, or any of that, it is about support. So here I am giving you strength as I find mine.

It hurts far more than I let on or than I even admit but still I continue on with it.

Blue Collar Blues
I don't get...
...how some people are not being held accountable for their time or actions, or lack thereof, while other people can't seem to catch a break or get appreciation for a job well done.

Takdir Illahi
satu tarikh yg paling bersejarah
Assalamualaikum pembuka kata, aku mls nk update blog nk bwat mcm mana? =P aaa.....esok 29hb Januari...satu tarikh yg paling bersejarah dalam hidup aku...knapa? biar aku bersama orang-orang yang mengetahui.....

Today...is my fire dragon bday...happy bday GEARLD TAN....big boy already! Kids nowadays vy good life....already bring him eat 2 good meal le....jack place n ah yat abalone....ha ha ha. ..JP IS DEFINITELY WORTH MY MONEY....While another is lousy than any zhu char....is just the name....no1 will go back again....1 thing I vy worry abt him is his character....right now he is 75% like his father....oh good ar....4 more years can marry le ar? NO NO NO....Please dont!.... . ... ..... .... .... I miss u...do u miss me? I know is a NO.......but I still wanna ask...did u bake anything new? I know it 1 click away....but I cant...I already create alot of trouble for her.... U all might say I vy cb...ya...I admit I vy cb....I know I sld call or email her say sorry....some of u might say y I worry so much n Care so much for what....when she definitely wont bother....ya...I still the cb 1 who care.... Buddy I cant stop nagging at u....at the same time... (more)

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